Natural Ways Homestead is a working farm where hobbies and work merge in a common theme. Here we love the land and all the created things around us and we try to live with a more "back to basics" mentality. We try not to let fast-paced modern life get its grip on us so we can better love each other and the world around us. We also enjoy sharing our passions and interests. If you love nature and basic, hands-on living as much as we do, you've found the right place. We offer an assortment of homegrown food and farm made items. Our goal is to bring a mixture of good food, love of the land, and community all under the same roof. Please feel free to browse the website and contact us to join in on supporting the farm.

More than a farm...

I guess we call it a homestead because we feel that word embodies our vision better than 'farm'. We are a farm, but we are so much more. First of all we are a permaculture farm. Beyond that, though, we are a group of people who seek to live out community in all we put our hands to. We want to become an inviting place that plants hope and joy in people and where deep peace is realized.  We are also very enthusiastic about teaching others what we have learned. We love to not only share our homestead and products, but also the stories and experiences that have gone into them. Connect with us, come for a visit, or attend one of our Farm to Table dinners.

"Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems." (wikipedia)





What is Permaculture?

"The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient."

Specifically for us, it means that we farm, work the land, and raise livestock in such a way that we give back instead of taking away. The ideal is to create a system that grows upon itself because healthy practices are in place in order to ensure sustainability.