why compost?

Each year millions upon millions of tons of garbage head for the landfills to be dumped, buried, and left to become the bane of future generations.  However, that arrangement is failing as the water we drink is becoming contaminated, the air we breathe is becoming polluted, and we run out of space to discard our waste.  We can no longer leave it up to our children to deal with the problems caused by our refuse.  This crisis is one that requires immediate attention.  The good news is that it can be easily stopped.  Most garbage can be reused, recycled, or composted.  On average, each American throws away 1,200 pounds per year of compostable waste. What will you do to change that?

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trash facts

1. over 50% of household garbage is biodegradable, a large portion of that is compostable

2. compostable waste is the main contributor to dangerous methane emissions from landfills

3. landfills produce 37 million passenger vehicles worth of emissions annually

4. air pollution, landfills are a large contributor, acidifies the ocean, reducing its ability to produce oxygen

5. 40% of Americans are breathing dangerously polluted air

6. 82% of landfills leak toxic leachate into the groundwater which is then piped to your faucets

7. compost can be used in place of synthetic fertilizers and produces healthier, more nutrient-dense food.

8. compost has the ability to bind and degrade certain pollutants, rendering them harmless


what you can do

1. contact us and sign up

2. throw your compost in the bucket that we provide

3. leave your bucket on the curb on your neighborhood service day(early in the morning or the night before)

4. tell your neighbors about how great it is to compost :)



what we do

1.provide you with a bucket on your neighborhood's service day

2. collect your full bucket between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and replace it with a clean one

3. compost it to create a rich organic fertilizer

4. invest it in a local small farm or garden

5. provide healthy fruits and vegetables to the community

For more information regarding our compost service or if you have questions or comments please get in touch through the contact info below.

Contact Info:

 Joel English            (706)-944-3898