The aim of our farm to table dinners is to capture the beauty of the garden and serve it to you on a plate. It is our desire not only to display something of the variety of nature, but to help you rediscover your own roots: Food the way it was meant to be.

The table is the center of a universe in which we seek our place, revolving like planets around the sun.


Ours is an artistic venture, from growing and nurturing young shoots to harvesting vegetables, and creating a menu with what the land supplies. In an age dominated by virtual reality and electronic devices, we are searching for the real thing. We want all who sit at our table to know we care about you and want you to experience something authentic and tangible. Real food, grown by real people, transformed into a unique dish for you to savour.

But we don’t just want to create food, we want to create memories - and we need you to partner with us in that. From garden to table, we invite you to take a seat beside us and enjoy the bounty the land has to offer.

We serve monthly dinners from May through October. The winter season we take off--you may find us vacationing, working on winter projects, and planning for the next year!

Ticket cost is $35 for an adult. 

For details and RSVP visit the link here.


"May your harvest be a hundred fold!" -Maddie
"Wouldn't miss it!" -John & Jill
"Thanks for awesome food!" -Jemima 
"Thank you!" -Benita
"Wonderful!" -Mike & Karen