This year we have an exciting new development at the farm with the addition of our highly anticipated high tunnel greenhouse. Our inaugural crop will be heirloom tomatoes and we have selected specific varieties that are bursting with flavour and full of vitamins because we believe that eating healthily should always be tastier than eating harmfully! The varieties you can look forward to include cherry (enjoy them juicy and fresh as they are or roasted with olive oil and sea salt to accompany mouth-watering goat cheese bruschetta), roma (perfect for tomato sauce and paste, or in fresh salsa) and a classic slicing tomato (delicious in sandwiches, burgers or with our fresh roast chicken in a brioche bun). 


Remember: for freshest taste and flavour, keep your tomatoes out of the fridge!


For restaurants and chefs we offer a flat of 20lbs for $25 (slicing or roma). Our cherry tomatoes are available as a flat of 8 quarts at $40



For pickup or delivery options on our tomatoes pricing is below:

$4.00 /lb  Heirloom Large Slicing Tomatoes

$3.75 /lb  Amish Paste Tomatoes

$6.00 / Quart Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

$4.00 / Pint Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes

Farm pickup/Main st farmers Market (wed 4-6pm)

Find us at the Main St Farmers Market this year! Wednesdays from 4-6pm. 

Email us for more info on our tomatoes

We grow all our produce without ever using chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or petroleum based fertilizer. We rely on good organic compost, the way nature intended to fertilize our plants and therefore grow strong healthy tomatoes!