Rain and Pumpkins

The steady fall of rain began to settle into the early morning, creating a swampy mess outside. The reason to get up early and do chores had suddenly left me and all I could do was hit the snooze on my phone and turn over for another nine minutes. Eventually with day light growing bolder and knowing that the chickens can't wait forever I mustered the energy to climb down from the loft, grabbed my dirty trousers and a grubby sweat shirt and headed out into the rain. 

Chores are methodical for me, it's a combination of necessity and passion. It's basically the only time I have or get to spend time with the animals, and while I am always trying to do things faster and more efficiently, sometimes I just take a few minutes and watch my pigs eat, scratch their ears, take a few more minutes to take in the beauty around me. 

Friday I spent the day cooking. Sometimes it's nice to just cook (minus all the dishes, of course). I processed two pumpkins (roasted them whole, purèed the cooked flesh, and froze it) and make pumpkin bread with it. Homegrown pumpkins with farm fresh eggs, the bread was delicious! 

Autumn is my favorite season and I love everything about it. The cooler weather that allows for flannels and jeans; hoodies, scarfs, and the like. The smell of nutmeg and cinnamon in the air, fresh baked bread. The crunch of leaves underfoot and the fall breeze in a small alley. I love finding the beauty in life.

-Zach the Farmer Chef