Christmas, Vacation, and Hosting


It’s that time of year again. The cold wind whips around the sides of my house, howling like I can only imagine the native wolves of this area did hundreds of years ago. I love this time of year because it’s one of the only fun things about the cold or winter for me. It makes inside events cozy and fun but at the heart of it is necessity. 


As I learn and continue to grow I realize more and more my gifting and desire for hosting. That comes in many forms but it’s one of the reasons I’ve liked working in a restaurant as much as I do, and why it’s been hard to entirely get the thought out of my head—of starting a Cafè or restaurant. It’s not a new idea, but one I’ve had for years.


I love hosting, I love creating an environment, in the atmosphere and being able to bring people together with food especially and give them that gift—hospitality. It’s why I like doing the farm to table dinners so much and why as the years have gone on I’ve paid more and more attention to the details when it comes to events and parties that people put on. I want to know what parts they covered up in a room, what parts they highlighted, how they tied that ribbon into the perfect bow. I’ll let you in on a little secret, Pinterest is a great friend of mine. :)


I love setting the mood, creating that perfect atmosphere and I’ve often been able to do that this time of year through parties or events that my family has had or I’ve put together. It’s definitely a time when I get to create and explore and try new things. 


And that leads me to wanting to try several time honored classic English/European traditional Christmas foods this year. The older I get the more interested in history and culture I become and the more I want to connect with the past, especially through the element of food. Something so central to our being, our living, and yet has such ways of being expressed and created, its unbelievable. I recently got over a cold and I was remembering how much the nose is used in tasting, it is an incredible sense that we do often take for granted. 


So Merry Christmas from the farmer chef! I’m getting ready to head to Charlotte next week where my family is and I’m taking four weeks off. I’m hoping to spend some days on a juice fast, including some days away and trying to just be still and hear God’s voice better, and of course spending quality time with my family and friends and getting ready mentally for the next growing season. I will be off Facebook and limited Instagram use. But as I’ll be doing some cooking/baking for the holidays I’ll probably try to showcase some of them, and I’d like to post a recipe or two here that I try.