noun: artist; plural noun: artists

  1. a person skilled at a particular task or occupation.

    • "a surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel"

      synonyms:expert, master, maestro, past master, virtuoso, genius; 

If we do a quick search of the definition we come up with varying results, the top few being someone who works with paint, drawing, poetry or even music. But if we step back we can look at things from a larger scale and ask ourselves, what is art? 

I believe that though you could put it in a box, or scale it to terms you could define it, but it's like asking someone what their favorite food is. It changes from person to person, based on life experiences and habits and natural inclinations. The definition to what is art is something that I think is changing all the time, it's evolving continually. I can explain what it is to me, but it's different to someone else, and here's why I make this claim. I believe all of us are meant to be artists. I don't think limiting it to a few professions or a few 'career' or life styles is enough. Yes, I understand you can create a definition so large that a word no longer has any meaning, but I think this is key to seeing the beauty in life and understanding it. I was meant to create, create beauty and life in everything I touch. That looks like various things in different areas too. I love to play and create music, I'm a singer-songwriter, but I'm also a farmer who crafts life from a seed, and nurses a chick to adulthood. I'm a chef that takes the simple, the pure, and creates a canvas on a plate, in your palate. 

I think art is taking the simple, the practical, even mundane things of this life and turning them into beauty. It's taking four simple ingredients, flour, water, salt, and yeast and creating something so closely resembling heaven, that no other word than bread can be used to describe it. Take bread, something that is so simple, and yet hundreds of generations of humans have survived with it as their staple. When Jesus tells his disciples, "I am the bread of life." He's trying to reveal to them how essential, how fundamental he is to truly, really living.

To me I love practicing art in many different areas. It's an attitude, a worldview, it's a way of thinking and processing all that you see and hear and smell and taste around you. I love seeing the poor made rich, the mundane made beautiful, and art being crafted in unlikely places.

And one last note, incase in all my waxing you have thought that living life as an art leaves behind any trouble or hard work. Because if you've ever asked someone who's doing something they love or pursuing a passion or art all you tend to see is the end result. You see the painted canvas, taste the artisan loaf, hear the melody, but you didn't see the hours spent in building up the skills. The unmeasured amounts of energy put into reading, and learning, and failing to finally be where they are. So for all those moments when life doesn't feel or look anything like beauty, or art, know that everyone experiences that, even the greatest 'artists'. We'd just rather show you the highlights. 



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