Monday Morning

The sun is not yet glaring down with it's hot September rays. There's still a breeze in the air, and though summer tries it's best to hold on to these last few weeks, Autumn is definitely on the way in. Just a few more weeks. I'm okay with that, this Winter is suppose to be a cold one, so I'll take a few more weeks of this weather, in preparation for what's to come.

After an early start to the morning I headed into town. I usually don't have time or fit it into my schedule to come by my favorite spot in downtown, Niedlovs; but I did this morning. It's a different crowd in the morning, I'm always here in the afternoon, with a variety of people meeting up to talk about their summer, or the start of a new job, or maybe some relationship that's not going the way it should, but this time of day you can feel the energy. This fast-paced gotta-get-to-work-but-grab-my-coffee-first kind of energy. It's one I feed off of, and made my experience cooking on the line in my teenage years at the Stone Table so pleasurable. I love that energy. It drives some people to stress or worse, but for me it's what I need, it's what drives me, makes me better, hone in on what I'm doing.

The smell of fresh pastries is enough to set anyone off to empty their wallet into the cash draw, and the aroma of freshly ground coffee fills the air. I order a latte. After having a disappointing latte created by Starbucks the week before I was ready for a really good one this morning. It did not disappoint.

I love getting my week planned and my head cleared. There's so much I have to keep track of and I use my phone and my head to keep track of everything. Sometimes I'm amazed something major hasn't been over looked yet (maybe it has?!). As a small business owner and the only one employed (if I paid myself, that is) I have to have big picture and goals in front of me, as well as being able to pay attention to the small details and everyday things. Text that person about  when to pick up, keep track of whether or not that person has paid for eggs, write a check to pay off that interest on a loan, it's a constant churning in my mind.

This week is Farm to Table week. I'll spend some time everyday working on things that will get ready for Friday night. I'll precook or bake a few things ahead that can be done ahead, and do as much of the non-culinary things before Friday. When the big day comes I try to get an extra early start and just pace myself so that I'm going at a steady pace all day rather than running sprints all day.

The world or food and farm will collide this week. Taking ingredients, and bringing them back to where they were grown and raised, the land--the farm. Presenting in a beautiful manner that pleases all the senses. I want people to take it all in. It's an experience, it's not just good food, it's making memories.