It's that time of year, lots of planning, lots of thinking, lots of sitting around on my phone or computer. There's so much that goes on for the business on the internet or my phone. I hate the addiction it puts me in, maybe I'll get better at it. I'm the social media and marketing and advertising person for the farm, and on top of that run all the enterprises and book keeping and everything from money to eggs and dead chickens need to be counted for in order for a business to be run well. All that to say, here's a little blurb that was on my mind this morning. It's rainy, grey, and weird warm weather right now. I'm ready for Spring, but until then, let's keep pressing on.


Dreams, it’s the unexplainable untouchable idea in the back of our mind that makes the grueling everyday chores or tasks worth it. Because somewhere back there we can see the light at the end that we’re going towards. Aspirations to bring into the natural what our mind sees. Dreams becoming a reality, first in the mind and then taking shape in the present.

We all have hopes and dreams and ambitions. It’s what makes us human. It’s the joy or passion that’s inside of us. Special talent given to us to spread through our lives and those around us. Everyone wants to be someone, and sometimes that one is a nobody, but we all want to achieve that thing, or be that person, because, we’re all growing. We’re all given another chance to make a better choice, to be a better leader, to do the right thing, to choose joy in the face of sorrow, to seek humility in the place of pride, to show others the tangible love of God.

We all have our fears, frailty, our dark thoughts we think when no one’s around. Those secrets that seem too dark to tell, maybe a wound from long ago. Everyone’s waiting for love. Everyone wants to be validated. Everyone wants connection, wants to feel like they’re heard. We all want to know that there’s more to this life. Deep down we want to be reassured that this life isn’t it, that there’s meaning here.

We walk around like we’re the only ones going through what we are, it’s natural. We think “I just wish someone knew what I’m going through”. It’s true, to be able to fully understand your exact circumstances can be hard, sometimes it’s just communication, but we are all human. We all have emotions, and dreams and fears. Most of us have been there in some way. We’ve found love and lost it too. Seen the way the seasons change. Been high and been low and seen the untidiness of life.

Why do we enjoy watching another pursue their dream so much? Why do we love watching the artist create, the potter spin, or the chef conjure up the ultimate dish? Something in us tells us he’s connecting his heart to his hands. He’s bringing beauty to the surface. That in a very tangible way he’s blending mind, body and soul to create something. It’s art. It’s using emotions as well as thought. It’s putting something deeper than the mind into play. It’s that passion, the joy that’s derived when we follow it.

I’m here to say that you don’t have to follow passion to have passion. You don’t have to find out the thing you love most and pursue it. Because passion is caught not taught. Find where you impact, find what you’re good at, and find the passion in that. Like anyone who’s done any kind of art they know it’s not all highs, there are lows. There are days when you just don’t want to keep going. It’s hard, the daily pressing in to more. But if it’s one thing I’ve seen, it’s always worth it. 

-the farmer chef