Before Dawn

It’s still dark, the clouded skies outside tell me that rain is likely and the humidity clinging to the air agrees. Like flickering candles a few distant stars daringly show themselves through wisps of cloud, somewhere up there far beyond reach. Twinkling through the early dawn, desperately trying to hold onto the last shreds of night while morning seeks to find its place among the birds, the crickets and the crowing rooster who deems this early hour one in which to rise.

My thoughts swirl, we’re halfway through the week and I can hardly believe it, the days seem to go by so fast. In the busyness of it all I love being able to take a few minutes in the morning and just be. Maybe a piece of toast to go with a cafe latte made from fresh roasted coffee and our own jersey cow milk.

I love being awake before the sun, ever since I could remember I’ve craved that feeling, the longing to be ahead of the day. To grab those moments before sunrise that seem to slip away so fast. 

It’s my time of day to think, meditate, and pray. To be alone and process the day, what needs to be done, mentally making a checklist and assigning jobs. It’s also the time I have to just be with God. For the busyness to be put on hold and let him speak to me. Let his words wash over me, telling me who I am, and what my identity is.

Farming is tough, but a lot of us know that. I’m not looking for sympathy, but maybe support. I’m not looking for a hand out, but maybe a willing hand to come alongside and BE the change we want to see. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and watch others take the reins, but at some point we’ll find that you can’t just opt out. The fact is if you’re not part of the solution, fixing the issue, you’re a part of the problem. We think we can stay in that middle ground and not offend anybody and just play it safe but we’re really siding with the other side when we do that. 

We all have different roles to play in life, none of us are equal, and we all have an unfair advantage. So let’s find out what that is, and use it, make the most of it and run! Let’s continue to bring change, to make relationships, to be good and kind and generous. I believe that people are hard to change, but what I know is that love will break down boundaries and create breakthrough. 

And because I’m a Lord of the Rings geek I’m going to end with a quote from Faramir and Éowyn in the Return of the King.

Éowyn “The city has fallen silent. There is no warmth left in the sun. It grows so cold.”

Faramir “It’s just the damp of the first spring rain. 
I do not believe this darkness will endure.”