Why I haven't given up yet!

It starts in a moment, it ends in a dream. It’s passion for continuing and commitment to the end. It’s the every day slow process of growing. It’s every day learning. Finding who you are inside and what you’re made of. Finding your strengths and growing in your weaknesses. 

Beginning again. Starting each day with a fresh start. Finding beauty in the hardships. Seeing every problem as an opportunity for creativity. Knowing there’s an answer out there, we just have to find it.

Falling back on what we know, to push us into the unknown. Striving for community, and linking us to others. 

Farming, it's diverse, complex, difficult, rewarding, full of beauty and also death and things that rot, and the everyday rhythm with the sun, it’s every breath of fresh air, and the testing of our souls.

It binds us to our roots and shows us that there’s more. It asks us to take one step more, to continue on, to fight for joy in the moments of pain and failing. To see the reality and the beauty all in one. It’d being realistic and logical and also dreaming and getting carried away with ideas. It will break us but will also be the most satisfying thing we ever do. Because it ties us into who we are as physical human beings. It grounds us, giving us that relationship with the earth and plants and animals, reconnecting us with who we were made to be.

To feel the ground beneath our toes, to hold a frail baby chick, to pick the first of summer’s tomato’s and to smell the autumn rose. It’s all these things and more.

And when we’re tired, when we’re sore, when we’re broken and poor, let’s remember again why we’re here. Let’s remember the reason we do what we do. Let’s join hands, join hearts, and link our minds, and in the messiness of community build a longer table. To break bread with one another at the setting sun, the place of communion between the plate and the cup. One nourishing the body and the other the soul. And hand in hand bringing unity to earth.

And when we’re tired, when we’re sore, when we’re broken and poor, let’s remember again why we’re here.