Who I am


So a lot has happened in the last 6 months and we’ve added a lot of followers. I wanted to open up and let you know some about me, they guy behind the camera trying to run the show!

My name is Zachariah but I go by Zach. I’m 24 years old and I’m the third oldest out of 11 children and grew up with my siblings being my best friends.

In high school my passion for food brought me a job at a local gourmet southern restaurant @stonetable , working there I realized that running a  restaurant is really hard! So I decided to do farming (so much easier, right?!)

I’ve never been to college and don’t see it in the future. I was raised with a great work ethic and a love for efficiency. If there was something I couldn’t do and wanted to, I found out how to do it (comes in handy running a small business!).

I have a passion for learning and and an appetite for growth. I believe taking charge of yourself is the only way to make real change happen, we don’t change people, we love them. 

I love coffee (I started a business in high school roasting and selling it) with a passion, and dark chocolate. Cabernet is my red of choice, but I’m open to anything that’s of decent quality and not overly sweet. I brew my own beer (when I have time!) and have a love affair with artisan bread making. I believe the holy trinity of food is bread, cheese and wine—and man can survive for years on these three essential elements.

I love early mornings, they are my creative time, when I think of most of my ideas and do most of my writing for blog and Instagram. It’s also my meditative time. Reflecting and aligning myself. I love sleep and have trouble getting up when it’s dark and especially cold! 

Regenerative and sustainable just makes sense to me and I don’t see a good alternative. I have a deep desire to transform farm culture and change the way and what Americans eat. I believe that food should be nutritious at its core, make the farmer a living and not break the bank for the customer, and it should not negatively impact the environment. So here’s to growing and raising better food!

Oh yeah, when I’m not farming (40+hrs a week) I’m doing side work from remodeling houses to catering for dinners and formal parties. 
I play guitar and recorded my own album. I’m artist inclined and love the arts. I write poetry when I’m lonely and turn them into songs when I’m sad. I love camping and being out doors! 

My religious views are Christianity but I don’t really believe in traditional church culture. I believe real Christianity is lived out in everyday life, it’s not going on missions trips it’s being and living that lifestyle everyday. It’s not finding community it’s forging community. It’s being vulnerable with your close group of friends, going deep and talking about real things. But ultimately it’s about being more in love with Him than anything this world has to offer. 

I believe in being the change you want to see. I seek to implement that in every area of my life, especially in any leadership positions or roles I find myself in. I'll never ask you to do something I wouldn't put myself through first. Be the change, you want to see. It's simple, it's challenging, but also full of reward!

So that’s me. I love being where I am. A first generation farmer, forging a small business. Connect with me, I want to hear your story. I want to be a part of the community. Because, together we’re better.

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