That perfect life

There's a big hoax going around and it's the theory that everybody else has it together. Everything’s planned out, everything goes as planned, money comes in and there are no unexpected expenses, their kids always behave just like angels, she always makes an amazing meal for her husband and children, they have plenty of time to just sit and be a family, he runs his own business and starting it was a breeze, that those pictures on Facebook are what everyday life is like, and that short bio in their profile on Instagram is just the explanation of everyday perfection that just happens in their life.

The fact is we’re all putting on our best face because we think that’s what we’re suppose to do and everyone else is doing it. Nobody has it all together, nobody is doing everything as planned, there are those unexplained expenses, emergency visits to the hospital, accidents, emotional breakdowns, hardships with family, children who rebel, a spouse who is failing, a meal hastily thrown together and a business that’s not paying bills.

We’re all human. We all fail. We all are looking for connection with others. We want to feel loved. We want to love in return. We like to pursue passions, to go after our interests. We start things and never finish. Begin friendships that don’t last. Create businesses that never thrive. Find our selves longing at the end of a day. Expectations unmet. Fear welling up inside. Loneliness knocking on the front door, asking if we need a companion.

This. Is. Life.

We have to get out of our heads of that perfect wife, or husband, or celebrity that we pin ourselves against. We have to learn who we are so we can become who we’re meant to be, not some other person who seems to be doing just fine having the greatest life ever. Learning to find contentment where we are and accepting our limitations. Not as excuses to maintain a level of failing but recognizing that it’s not really us who change ourselves anyway. 

Life is the every day mundane tasks, and finding beauty in them. It’s the winding down at the end of day and rising again in the morning. Life is forging a community not finding one. Not willing to sit on the sidelines but engaging with everything we have. 

It’s the little things. The trivial things. The cool summer breeze with friends. The breaking of bread with family. Sitting alone in the silence to really know who we are, to give space. Finding fulfillment even in the mundane.