What's in a Farm to Table Dinner?

What does it take to do a Farm to Table dinner?



Like most things in life it takes skill, patience, endurance, planning, creativity and no small amount of coffee! 


As a chef the menu is the first thing I work on, which planning too far out is not easy because it’s hard to say what’s going to be available to use in 2-3 weeks. While the menu planning is fun it still takes work and creativity and draws from all my previous experience cooking and also a log of any pictures, videos or recipes I’ve ever seen and are locked away in my ‘mind palace’. (Sherlock reference there)

The joy of eating seasonally is the joy of fresh produce and fresh foods. It’s that much more exciting when your favorite foods come back into season.
— Anna Lappè


Seasonality is a thing that helps us tap into our roots, who we are as humans, being in one place and finding our selves. Things come and go, the grass grows, birds raise a family, the leaves come down, the trees get ready for winter, and spring comes again. Everything has a season when it comes to food. I look around at what our farm has to offer and what’s being offered at the local farmers market and I use that to come up with a menu. 


Here’s a quote by Anna Lappé

“The joy of eating seasonally is the joy of fresh produce and fresh foods. It’s that much more exciting when your favorite foods come back into season. I also have found that, as I’ve learned to eat more in season, I’ve lost cravings for certain foods when it’s not the right season for them. Part of that is because I know how disappointed I will be by how they taste. Of course, it’s a lot easier to eat seasonally in certain parts of the country than others, but no matter where you live, I think there are ways to bring more seasonal food into your diet.”


The hands on work begins with harvesting produce from the farm, selecting veggies from the farmers market, and than prepping all ingredients—cutting, chopping, peeling, sautéing, steaming, boiling, and baking. As anyone who’s worked in the food industry, prep is most of the time involved with something. I’ll spend about 10-12 hrs the day before prepping all ingredients and get up at 4am the day of our dinner and continue prepping food until about noon when most of it is done.


Everything is made from scratch. The artisan bread, the crackers, the sauces, the soups, the pasta, and the dressings. It’s very labor intensive but that is key to amazing food! 


Then of course there’s the printing of menus, counting out silverware, porcelain plates, pint jars, wine glasses, table clothes, table decorations, lights, and everything else that goes to create a cozy sit down atmosphere.


One of my favorite things is to watch people enjoying something good and wholesome. A farm to table dinner, sourcing good ingredients and turning it into a 4 course meal is a passion of mine. Two things I’m passionate about, food and agriculture come together onto one table (literally!) and allow me to practice hospitality. I love connecting with others and it’s always a joy to meet everyone who attends our dinner. I only wish I had more time to talk to everyone!


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Here’s a quote from Guy Fieri

“Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat”


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PC goes to Maddie Noll  IG @provision4thevision

PC goes to Maddie Noll  IG @provision4thevision