5 Reasons to eat Pastured Chicken and Eggs!

Why do we raise pastured poultry the way we do?


I often think about this question as a sustainable farmer seeking to better the environment, provide quality, healthy meat and eggs for our customers and at the end of the day take home a paycheck.

Moving animals to the outdoors (that sounds weird, but true) with farming is not the easiest thing to do. They’re no longer in a climate controlled environment and are much more subject to the elements. They exercise a lot more and consume more feed as a result. 

However, as a result of being out doors they get fresh air everyday of their lives, they get sunshine and get to be what they were meant to be, animals outside enjoying nature. As a result we believe our animals are far happier and healthier than conventional raised animals locked away in a barn until time to slaughter. 

The benefits of pastured poultry are many. From regenerating our pastures and soils to producing a much healthier bird that has lived a happy life outside on fresh grass.

As a culture we’ve lost a lot of what food is and means. In a time and place when there is no cooking involved in the house, and meals are eaten on the go we’ve lost what community around the table is. We no longer sit around and enjoy the bounty of the earth in the setting of  family or friends. Part of returning to our roots is more than just consuming healthier food. Part of it needs to be returning to a healthier lifestyle. Meals eaten together. Our food consumed with others and with understanding to appreciate and take in what it took to grow or raise the food. There’s so much food has to offer us, from the basic necessities of energy and function to art and community that happen around it. I believe a good meal enjoyed with family or friends is better than a fancy meal by yourself.  I think there’s two parts. I think one is the food, how it’s cooked and how it was raised and the other, how we consume it and enjoy it. 


Five reasons to eat pastured poultry! 1.

  • 1. Contains more vitamin A: Pasture-raised chicken contains 50% more vitamin A compared to conventionally raised chicken. This nutrient plays an important role in supporting good vision, cell division and growth, a strong immune system and skin health.
  • 2. Rich in Omega-3 Fats: In a 2008 study published in the journal Poultry Science, Portuguese researchers discovered that pasture-raised chicken has significantly higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than chickens that do not have access to fresh forage.
  • 3. Environmentally friendly: CAFOs are known for the large amounts of toxic byproducts they generate, which are dumped into the local ecosystem. One company, Tyson Foods Inc., released 104.4 million pounds of pollutants into waterways between 2010 and 2014. By supporting pasture-raised poultry, you can help reduce pollution that is currently devastating the environment.
  • 4. Has a lower risk of food borne illnesses: CAFO chickens have gained a negative reputation because they’re associated with food borne illnesses caused by unsanitary farming conditions. choosing pasture-raised chicken can help reduce your chances of developing such illnesses because they are cleaner and healthier.
  • 5. Produce high-quality eggs: Eggs from pastured chicken typically contains three times more vitamin E, two times more omega-3, seven times more beta-carotene and one third less cholesterol than eggs harvested from conventionally raised chicken.


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