dirty life

Digging in the dirt

As a dug my fingers into the soft dirt and pulled back the soil I remembered what got me into all of this. It really comes out of a love for the soil and growing plants. Last year without having the infrastructure or tools needed to scale up production in vegetables I had to let that go of vegetables and focus on quicker return of investment enterprises and less labor intensive ones as I was doing most of the work. And while I’m passionate about poultry, and love doing it I am first a gardener and then a livestock farmer.

I actually think that’s really important. What goes on in soil and plant life directly affects the animals grazing over them. So it’s vitally important to understand soil health, how plants grow and work and what makes them do what they do.

I don’t plan to turn the farm over to trying to do large scale veg production for a while, maybe never. But I definitely don’t plan to stop gardening. There’s so much to be gained from gardening and it’s very therapeutic. It’s grounding, and brings its own clarity and vision to life.

This year I’m putting in a few hours in our communal garden, shared between the families living here, and I’ll use some for the farm dinners too. But most of my time and money for gardening this year has gone into my high tunnel. 
Yesterday we got plastic laid down and drip tape irrigation setup and planted tomatoes in the soil. It only holds about 150 plants with the spacing I’m doing this year. I was only planning to do a few different varieties but some things came up and I’ve got a paste tomato, three or four slicer tomatoes, and about three cherry types. All heirloom, so we’ll see how production goes.

I’m all about heirloom but also open to hybrids if they are better suited to my situation. This is very much a test year with it. I’ve been gardening for about 10 years now, but first time in a high tunnel with the kind of setup I have now.

So here’s to another season of growing! Using our gifts and talents to better ourselves and one another! Let’s get in touch with the ground, the people around us and who we are. I’m looking forward to that first tomato of the year!