Natural Ways Homesteaders

Zachariah (Zach) English - Zachariah currently holds title as "farm manager". He is cousin to Cara, and moved to the area at the start of 2016 for the sole purpose of joining in on the homestead venture. He is a huge anchor in the happenings of most aspects of the farm. With endless creativity (and experience), an ever-growing business mind and facilitation skills (with ambition to boot), Natural Ways truly wouldn't be what it is without him. Also notable, are his outstanding culinary skills. Zach is the main chef, motivation, and coordinator for our farm to table dinners.

Casey and Cara Gumm - Casey and Cara were married in the beginning of 2009. Since then they have been working towards the dream of owning and farming their own land. They now have six kids and have recently purchased the 35 acres that is being transformed into the new Natural Ways Homestead home site. They have seen dreams come true and have known the sacrifice that often comes with that. The Homestead is still a massive vision-in-process, but they are both committed to working hard and seeing it bloom.

Jether English - Jether's burning passion to create a self sustaining permaculture environment, in many ways, led to the start of Natural Ways Homestead. His enthusiasm has been a fire for research and implementation for many aspects of the farm. Jether is Cara's brother and, therefore, also cousin to Zachariah. His farming experience and zeal paired with his hard working mentality are truly an irreplaceable part of the homestead.

Joel English - Joel is Jether's and Cara's brother. Joel has a great scientific mind and has proven to be a desirable fountain of ideas and wisdom. He enjoys researching and learning about all things agriculture. Joel is seeking to get a compost business up and running, and is playing an important role in the planning and developing of the new home site for Natural Ways.