Like our layer hens, our meat birds are grazed on fresh pasture that rotates twice daily. Their diet of grass and insects is supplemented by non-GMO feed to keep them strong and healthy. This healthy lifestyle is what makes our birds taste fresh and tender. After a single bite we believe you will agree - this is the best chicken money can buy.


We process and package the chickens onsite ourselves, freezing them immediately for the freshest taste. Our birds weigh an average of 4lbs each. Throughout the growing season we offer whole birds or a package of cuts, which can be kept frozen or thawed for immediate use.

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Be sure to use leftover bones to make broth - a flavourful and healthy addition to any soup, stew or risotto and a great way to get even better value from these top quality birds.

Whole Chicken (ave. 4lbs) $22   serves 6-8 people 

8 Piece Cut up Chicken $26   serves 6-8 people 

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Our season starts in the middle of May and goes through October. 


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Our Chicken Share is a bi-weekly delivery of frozen chicken, whole or cutup bird. (May-Oct)

$132 for Whole Chicken or 8pc Cut Up (6 birds) 12 Weeks

$264 for Whole Chicken or 8pc Cut Up (12 birds)  12 Weeks  

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