Our goal as a farm is to be ecologically, ethically and economically sustainable. Our layer hens are raised on a non-GMO diet that provides them the nutrition needed to produce large, healthy eggs as well as maintaining an appropriately energetic and healthy lifestyle. But we don’t stop there; to mimic what we find in nature we provide them access to sunshine, grass and fresh forage, with room to scratch for insects and dust bathe. It is the rich green pastures where our chickens spend their days that gives them the minerals and vitamins to create the dark golden colour of our egg yolks—you won’t find that at a grocery store! We house our flock in an Egg Mobile which rotates around our land to keep the birds moving and healthy. This is good for the chickens, and it’s good for the land too! The flexible electric netting keeps our chickens safe and allows us to adjust their living space in a manner appropriate to the size of our flock. As an extra precaution, our trusted guard dog Razz keeps watch and further protects our birds from aerial and nocturnal predation.

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Our Shares are in 12 Week Segments, and our eggs are fresh for up to 4 weeks. We do a bi-weekly delivery/pickup method.